“Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory is theirs, the duty ours”

Wallace Bruce

Medical Cannabis Access for Veterans

Since 2011 our team of experts has been assessing veterans for the use of medical cannabis for their symptoms. The Greenleaf Medical Clinic is committed to patients meeting their mind and body goals in a supportive environment.

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Enriching and improving the quality of life for all veterans through the use of medical cannabis.

Fonda Betts

Master Cannabinologist (MC)

Fonda’s extensive knowledge of cannabis comes from studying Cannabinoids in Clinical Practice from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, patient assessments, and collaboration with cannabis physicians and industry leaders.

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Tanya Adams

Sr. Cannabis Educator

With extensive experience as a patient care coordinator and over five years as a cannabis educator and dosing expert, Ms. Adams’ primary focus is on creating exceptional client outcomes.

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