Greenleaf Medical Clinic is dedicated to giving patients access to quality, real-time healthcare, regardless of where they are located. We offer the ability to help you with your medical cannabis therapy thanks to the assistance of Zoom Healthcare.

Getting Ready for Your First Virtual Visit With Zoom

How to prepare for a virtual health visit using a computer:

How to prepare for a virtual health visit using a mobile device:

Virtual Group Medical Visits

Rules of engagement:
  • If this is your first session, download Zoom the day before your group medical visit to familiarise yourself with any features
  • Find a quiet space for your group medical visit to limit distractions
  • Please arrive on time, there is no entry into class after the first 5 minutes
  • Upon entry, all participants will be automatically muted
  • Your video should start automatically, If you wish to turn it off click the “start video” button
  • Questions during the session: please “raise a hand”, or use “chat box”
  • Please do not record or share information from this session