The ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) provides a legal framework for patients to legally use cannabis for beneficial relief of various symptoms.

What to Expect

Our physician’s role is to assess patient eligibility through chart review and/or discussions with the patients’ primary care physician or specialist(s). When deemed eligible, a virtual appointment is scheduled. The physician will complete the required medical document authorizing the patient to use cannabis as medicine.

Following the patient/physician consultation, the patient will work with one of Greenleaf’s cannabis educators to decide on an appropriate licensed seller.

Greenleaf Medical Clinic Forms

Understanding which forms you need to complete can be confusing, we have developed a system to alleviate this. The Greenleaf Medical Clinic admin staff will work with patients to ensure all forms are properly submitted, ensuring quick and easy access to prescribed medication.

Processing Times

Under the ACMPR guidelines, the patient’s license is active from the date the doctor signs the prescriptive form. The chosen license seller will need to verify and process the documentation, which can take approximately 3-5 business days.

Steps to Applying

Anyone wishing to become a patient at The Greenleaf Medical Clinic can self refer OR have their doctor refer them. The steps to applying are listed below:

Referral by Doctor
  1. Patients who are not self-referring will need to have their physician fill out the Patient Referral Form.
  2. Once the form has been completed, the physician will fax it back to our clinic.
  3. Our admin staff will reach out to the patient, once the complete referral has been received from the patient’s physician, sending them a digital intake package to fill out.
  4. Once our admin staff receives the completed intake package from the patient it will be reviewed and the patient is then matched with one of our cannabis physicians.
  5. At this time we will contact the patient to book a virtual appointment.
Self Referral
  1. Patients by self-referral will need to submit an online application.
  2. Once the online application has been received by our admin staff the patient will receive an email outlining our clinic policies and membership requirements. All self-referrals are subject to a $50.00 one-time fee.
  3. If we receive a confirmation to proceed from the patient we will electronically send consent forms to be completed. At this time we will request the $50.00 admin fee to be paid.
  4. When both the intake package and payment are received we will request a copy of the patient’s medical records for review. At this time we will determine eligibility for medical cannabis.
  5. Once determined we will contact the patient to book a virtual appointment.

Please note the patient’s doctor must be in agreement with them using cannabis as a part of their treatment plan.

Please note that the turnaround time from start to finish will depend on how quickly we receive the referral from the patient’s family physician as well as the completed intake forms. We are not able to send the intake forms if we have not received a referral from the physician.