What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy. It considers how each part of the body may be influencing everything around it. Instead of fighting symptoms, an Osteopathic Practitioner will find the hidden causes and release it.

Fabio Bocchetti, DOMP

Fabio Bocchetti graduated from a 4.5-year program in Physiotherapy in his hometown, Rio de Janeiro in 2004. After that, he took a 2.5-year postgraduate in Acupuncture, and finally a 5-year postgraduate in Osteopathy.

He worked for several years in his private office and taught manual therapy in many cities across Brazil. Fabio works in BC as a Manual Osteopath since 2017 and became a Board Director of the BCAOMP in 2018.

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Osteopathy Treatments & Pricing


Vomiting and colic can be a natural process of your baby’s digestive tract development. Other times it can indicate that they need to get rid of tension around their neck and skull to ensure smooth digestion.


If you’re experiencing migraines, tension-type headaches, pulsing temples or it seems that you’re wearing a super tight crown around your head, Osteopathy may be perfect for you.

Sports Injury

Constant falls, traumas, or repetitive patterns can cause pain and restrict mobility. Osteopathy can optimize your body’s potential, so you can get rid of your pain while improving performance.


Neck pain, headaches, clicking or clenching jaw? All of these symptoms can be signs of an imbalance in the muscles that open and close your mouth. Osteopathy can help you restore the function you need.

Low Back Pain/Sciatica

Back pain is the most common cause of absenteeism and will affect 80% of us throughout our lives. Osteopathy can identify and address its causes which may be from muscles, discs, hips, or guts, among others.

Treatments Are Either Private Pay or Covered by Extended Health
Check with your insurance provider to determine if they will cover these services.
In-Home Visits (Lower Mainland)
Type Price
1 hr assessment $215
45 min follow-up $175