Membership Fees

Our membership is an uninsured service that provides patients with unlimited access to the industry and medical cannabis counsellors who provide patient guidance and support every step of the way.

Please note: your Greenleaf receipt can be used as a medical expense on your taxes. 

Our membership fee is based on a sliding scale and is determined by the patients annual income. If the patients annual income is less than $30,000 and their doctor is referring them to our clinic, they are eligible for the discounted membership fee – as noted on the table below:

Clinic Membership Fees

Type Membership Fee
Regular $99*
Income less than $30,000/yr
and referred to clinic
Patients under the age of 25 $150*

Grow Your Own Membership Fees

Type Membership Fee
Regular $200*
*Taxes will apply

Please note that the membership fee is not a physician fee as your physician bills MSP. The fee is for unlimited cannabis counselling.
Additional Clinic Costs before taxes

Patient Letters $65.00
Missed Appointment $100.00