Further Learning


Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease

By Clint Werner

In addition to detailing the medical benefits of medicinal cannabis, the book offers extensive insight into the history of cannabis as a form of therapy and the political factors that eventually led to its criminalization.




The Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis

By Steve Elliot

Steve Elliott’s Little Black Book of Marijuana concisely covers the cultural and historical significance of cannabis before delving into its many medical applications. The book also acts as something of a cannabis index, as it refers to dozens of external sources (such as recipes, documentaries, articles, and so on) and encourages you to check them out to expand your learning.




Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana

By Michael Backes

Unlike some books that tend to sensationalize and oversimplify the research, Cannabis Pharmacy relies on hard scientific evidence to discuss the benefits of medical cannabis and gives your practical advice on how you can incorporate it into your treatment. The most recent edition includes up-to-date information on dosing, e-cigarette designs, new cannabis strains, and more. This is the perfect book for anyone interested in the science behind how and why medical cannabis works.



The Medical Cannabis Guidebook

By Mel Thomas

Medical Cannabis Guidebook is a comprehensive roundup of almost everything we know about medical cannabis. Expect expert insight into which health conditions can be treated with medical cannabis and step-by-step instructions on how to do so. The book also features several case studies to give readers some insight into the real-world benefits of using medicinal cannabis.




The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness

By Steve DeAngelo

The Cannabis Manifesto answers essential questions about the plant, using extensive research to fuel a thoughtful discussion about cannabis science and law, as well as its biological, mental, and spiritual effects on human beings.




Chronic Relief: A Guide to Medical Cannabis for the Terminally and Chronically Ill

By Nishi Whiteley & Dr. Ethan Russo 

The book translates medical science into layman’s terms in a way that patients and their caregivers can understand and use to decide if cannabis is a fit for them, how to choose intake methods, understand risks and harm reduction strategies, and where to start in terms of establishing an effective dose. Where science does not exist, it provides the best possible anecdotal information compiled from experts and patients alike.




Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutic Potential

By Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen & Dr. Ethan Russo

This comprehensive volume presents state-of-the-art scientific research on the therapeutic uses of cannabis and its derivatives. All too often, discussions of the potential medical uses of this substance are distorted by political considerations that have no place in a medical debate.





Cannabis for Chronic Pain: A proven prescription for using medical marijuana to relieve your pain and heal your life

By Dr. Rav Ivker

While the number of patients using medical marijuana increases every year, misconceptions about cannabis and whether it’s harmful or dangerous still exist. Cannabis for Chronic Pain explains the potential of marijuana’s capacity for healing anyone afflicted with chronic pain.




Handbook of Cannabis

By Roger Pertwee

Combining scientific perspectives and clinical applications, the Handbook of Cannabis covers a vast array of topics, from why over the centuries cannabis has been used as a medicine, through the regulations facing those wishing to self-administer cannabis or provide cannabis-based medicines, to the chemical structure of its many constituents and the rapidly growing group of synthetic cannabinoids that are currently being used for “legal highs”.




Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and Visionary Powers of Cannabis

By Christian Rätsch

Marijuana Medicine explores the role of hemp in medicinal systems spanning the globe. Christian Rätsch profiles the medicinal, historical, and cultural uses of cannabis in each of these societies and medical systems, providing remedies and recipes for those interested in how cannabis can be used to treat specific conditions.




Cannabis: A History

By Martin Booth

In this comprehensive study, Martin Booth crafts a tale of medical advance and religious enlightenment; of political subterfuge and law enforcement; of cunning smugglers, street pushers, gang warfare, writers, artists, and musicians. And above all, Booth chronicles the fascinating process through which cannabis became outlawed throughout the Western world, and the effect such legislation has had on the global economy.




The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana

By Jorge Cervantes

When it comes to the world of weed, it’s very easy to feel lost. There are a lot of slang terms and jargon that stoners and enthusiasts alike use. Instead of heading to Urban Dictionary or Googling a certain phrase, it’s wise to invest in an encyclopedia that covers all aspects of weed. The Cannabis Encyclopedia is truly a godsend in that regard–it has everything you could ever want or need, in the way of cannabis.




Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation

By Ed Rosenthal

The all-new Marijuana Grower’s Handbook shows both beginners and advanced growers how to grow the biggest most resinous, potent buds! This book contains the latest knowledge, tools, and methods to grow great marijuana indoors and out.





Medical Cannabis in Canada: From Historical Lows to the Current High

By Mark H. Kimmins 

This book brings clarity for both patients and health care providers (who receive little to no formal education about medical cannabis) and is a comprehensive guide to this re-emerging field of medicine.





The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

Contributors: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Health and Medicine Division; Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice; Committee on the Health Effects of Marijuana: An Evidence Review and Research Agenda

Significant changes have taken place in the policy landscape surrounding cannabis legalization, production, and use. During the past 20 years, 25 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis and/or cannabidiol (a component of cannabis) for medical conditions or retail sales at the state level and 4 states have legalized both the medical and recreational use of cannabis. These landmark changes in policy have impacted cannabis use patterns and perceived levels of risk.