Medical Cannabis Counseling & Treatment Plans

Patient care is our top priority. We offer your patients a “Medical Cannabis Counseling & Treatment Plan” service, where our Master Cannabinologist will work with them to optimize their health outcomes using cannabis-based medicines. 

Collaboration between the referring healthcare practitioner and the cannabinologist is essential to ensure that the goals and objectives of the treatment are achieved. Following the patient assessment, you will receive a detailed cannabis care plan and regular follow-up communication to stabilize the patient’s symptoms.

We will educate your patient on:
  • Potential drug interactions & the additive effect
  • Dosing cannabis safely for optimal benefit
  • Patient responsibilities such as; managing expectations, driving, workplace, travel & much more
  • Monitoring for symptom improvements & acute adverse reactions
  • When to see their physician for follow-up and/or medication changes
We will monitor:
  • Symptoms Improvements
  • Titration & frequency 
  • Acute adverse effects
  • Medication changes
  • Product supply from either a federal or provincial regulated source 
We offer the following support:

***Please note that the patient will be charged an annual fee of $225.00 plus applicable taxes.

Accepting Referrals from All Licensed Health Professionals

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Please note that the referring healthcare practitioner always retains clinical responsibility for the patient.