Osteopathy & Chronic Conditions


Fabio Bocchetti, DOMP

Fabio Bocchetti graduated from a 4.5-year program in Physiotherapy in his hometown, Rio de Janeiro in 2004. After that, he took a 2.5-year postgraduate in Acupuncture, and finally a 5-year postgraduate in Osteopathy. He worked for several years in his private office and taught manual therapy in many cities across Brazil. Fabio works in BC as a Manual Osteopath since 2017 and became a Board Director of the BCAOMP in 2018.

In this series of four 90 minutes workshops, you will learn how Osteopathy, based on pure anatomy, can explain and treat several types of headaches, low back pain, knee or hip pain as well as digestive issues. On top of that, you will learn several exercises to help you manage your symptoms, promoting your health and well-being on your own.

This course is divided into 4 parts. Please register for all 4 sessions. If you miss any due to unanticipated circumstances, you are welcome to make it up in a future series.

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