Ask the Expert Cannabis Series

Dr. Caroline MacCallum & Fonda Betts

Dr. Caroline MacCallum is the Medical Director at Greenleaf Medical Clinic where she has assessed and developed cannabinoid treatment plans for more than 5,000 patients using legal medical cannabis approved by Health Canada.

Fonda Betts is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Greenleaf Medical Clinic (est. 2011). Ms. Betts’s extensive knowledge of cannabinoids in clinic practice comes from collaborating with Greenleaf’s specialized team of cannabis physicians and developing customized treatment plans for more than 15,000 patients. Her commitment and dedication has gained both herself and Greenleaf industry recognition as leaders in medical cannabis.

Canadians are asking about medical cannabis. Join Dr. Caroline MacCallum and Fonda Betts in the Ask the Expert Cannabis Series! To ensure Dr. MacCallum addresses as many questions as possible, please submit your questions beforehand here.

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