Acupressure for Chronic Illnesses

Dr. Teresa Clarke

Dr. Teresa Clarke graduated from the University of British Columbia, receiving her MD in 1981. She has been a staff physician at the Complex Chronic Diseases Program at BC Women’s Hospital since 2013. She has included acupuncture in her medical career since she was certified by Acupuncture Canada in 1995.

In her series of three 90 minute workshops, you will learn how acupressure based on the principles of acupuncture can be utilized in a self-treatment and self-management approach to improving wellbeing and symptom management in patients with chronic illnesses. These workshops are educational as well as hands-on for participants interested in learning and practicing eastern healing traditions to promote health.

This course is divided into 3 parts. Please register for all 3 sessions. If you miss any due to unanticipated circumstances you are welcome to make it up in a future series.

Session 1

By participating you will learn about:

  • The history of acupuncture
  • Branches of acupuncture
  • Practices & techniques of Chinese medicine
  • How to find a registered acupuncturist
  • Ear acupressure & ear massage
  • Acupressure basic protocol for self-treatment
  • Chronic pain benefits

Session 2

By participating you will learn about:

  • Autonomic nervous system & homeostasis
  • Emotional freedom technique or tapping of acupuncture points
  • Chinese medicine foundational philosophies
  • Chi Gong breathing exercise to improve energy

Session 3

By participating you will learn about:

  • Meridian massage
  • Modern neuroscience studies on acupuncture
  • The significance of the vagus nerve
  • Five element acupuncture theory
  • Benefits of acupuncture/acupressure treatments
  • Acupressure points for stress
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