Consent, Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Informed verbal consent was obtained by patients prior to virtual/telecommunications.
  • This is a telemedicine group medical visit done by video due to the COVID public health crisis.
  • This is considered a medical visit by MSP so please treat it the same as any other medical apt and stay the full duration. We encourage you to keep your video on so that we can make this as interactive as possible. You can participate as much or little as you wish.
  • We are recording groups for our educational purposes.
  • Care provided through video or audio communication cannot replace the need for physical examination or an in-person visit. For some disorders or urgent problems the patient understands the need to seek ER if necessary.
  • Patient is aware that there are risks related to unauthorized disclosure or interception of personal health information (ie Zoom).
  • Confidentiality will be adhered to by Greenleaf medical team, however there are other patients sharing this group medical visit with you. Patient will not record this session and will respect the privacy of others.