Possessing Cannabis in a Vehicle & in Public Spaces

Are you planning a road trip within Canada and are not clear on cannabis transportation, possession limits or what to show law enforcement if you get pulled over? Here are some tools to ensure you are familiar with your responsibilities while travelling. 

When travelling in Canada, you are responsible for learning the laws of the province or territory you are going to visit. If you use cannabis, follow the laws in that jurisdiction. Click here for more details.

Transportation of Cannabis in Motor Vehicles

Minors and adults, with a valid drivers license, can operate a vehicle with cannabis in it, provided the cannabis: 

Possession Limits in Motor Vehicles & in Public Spaces

Calculate public possession limits for cannabis here.

Law Enforcement 

Those authorized to use medical cannabis must be prepared to show they are legally allowed to possess more than 30 grams (or equivalent) in public spaces if requested by law enforcement. This can be done by showing one of the following: 

  • Registration document issued by a federally licensed seller. To view a sample, click here 
  • Registration certificate issued by Health Canada for personal production. To register with Health Canada to produce cannabis for your own medical purposes, submit the registration form at this link
  • Registration certificate issued by Health Canada for designated production. To register with Health Canada to designate another person to produce cannabis for you, submit the registration form at this link.
  • Registration certificate issued by Health Canada for possession only. This certificate is available to meet the needs of those who choose to access their supply of cannabis for medical purposes exclusively from a provincial or territorial authorized retail outlet or authorized online sales platform. To register with Health Canada for a registration certificate, complete the form at this link.

Cannabis at the Border

Although cannabis is legal in Canada, transporting products containing cannabis (THC and CBD) across the border in any form is illegal without a permit or exemption authorized by Health Canada. It does not matter whether you are leaving or entering Canada, or what the laws of your destination are, transporting cannabis products across the border is illegal. 


Here is a short video with clear messaging from the Government of Canada / Canada Border Service Agency. 

Whether you are a Canadian resident planning a trip within Canada or travelling abroad, we can provide you with an individualized cannabis travel plan. If you would like us to schedule you an appointment with a cannabis expert to discuss cannabis travelling plan options, complete the contact form below.
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