Medical Cannabis Insurance Coverage

Currently, medical cannabis does not have a Health Canada Drug Identification Number (DIN). As a result, it is not eligible for coverage under prescription drug plans. Instead, coverage appears as a separate provision and is payable under “All other Extended Health Care”.

Does Your Benefits Plan Cover Medical Cannabis?​

You could be eligible for coverage under your workplace benefits plan or through your individual plan. More and more Insurance companies are adding an option for medical cannabis coverage.

  • Employees with group benefits can check their insurance provider to see if cannabis is covered.
  • If your employer has added this coverage, you may be able to recover the cost of your medical cannabis.
  • If you have an individual insurance plan, contact your insurance provider for more information.

Here is a list of insurance providers that may cover the cost of your cannabis. To learn more, scroll over or click on the image for redirection to the provider’s webpage.

Supporting Documentation

To support your benefit plan coverage, you will most likely need to provide the following supporting documentation.

If you are purchasing cannabis “Over the Counter” from a provincial or territorial retailer, you may qualify for medical cannabis and have insurance coverage.

To be assessed for the appropriateness of medical cannabis – apply now!

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