Greenleaf Medical Clinic Membership

The Greenleaf Medical Clinic membership provides eligible Canadian’s…

  • Unlimited access to Patient Care Co-ordinators

  • Profiling your medical condition(s) to specific cannabis strains

  • Matching you with a Licensed Producer that will meet both your medical and financial needs

  • Discounts on vaporizers, books and accessories

  • Advice on how to speak to your doctor regarding your medical condition and why medical cannabis may help your symptoms as a therapeutic agent. Your physician can also contact our support centre regarding your cannabis use, provided that a consent for release of medical information has been provided.

  • Education to nursing home support staff and/or your caregiver on how to order, administer and store your medication safely

  • Up to date information on Health Canada Licensed Producers

  • Free sign-up for educational seminars

  • Understanding the legal framework regarding the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)

  • Access to participate in cannabis research studies within Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)

  • Access to patient support groups

  • Advice on strain selection and growing techniques for MMAR (injunction) and ACMPR patients

  • Education on how to effectively use medical cannabis through vaporization, oils, and edibles

  • Instruction and recipes on how to prepare your cannabis into edible forms

  • In home support for patients via video conference (VSee)

  • Information of provincial statements on medical cannabis from the provincial and territorial licensing bodies

  • Information of the court decisions that have shaped the landscape of cannabinoids and cannabis use for medicinal purposes in Canada.

  • Caregiver support services on your Licensed Producer application

The Greenleaf Medical Clinic does offer compassionate pricing for ALL patients that earn an annual income of less than $30,000. Proof of your income will be required. Please let me know if you are a patient that will benefit from this reduced pricing. If even at the reduced pricing, you cannot afford the membership fee, please let us know as no patient will be denied an application to be assessed by a Greenleaf physician.