Physician Preceptorship Program

This program is designed specifically for Health Care Practitioners who would like hands on training in a clinical environment and learn “how to” authorize medical cannabis to their patients under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

We Offer Health Care Practitioners a one day preceptorship

One Day Program

Medical Cannabis Counselling with Fonda Betts

  • Through observing patient assessments you will learn how to navigate the process of selecting a Health Canada Licensed Producer that is licensed to sell medical cannabis under the ACMPR direct to patients by mail order
  • You will learn how to profile patients to specific strains of cannabis, educate patients on how to safely and effectively use a vaporizer for inhaled cannabis and how to safely self titrate cannabis oil that is orally ingested

New Patients: Authorizing Medical Cannabis with Dr. Caroline MacCallum

Following the medical cannabis counselling sessions, you will shadow Dr. MacCallum during her patient assessments so that you can learn how to review with the patient;

  • Indications for using medical cannabis
  • Current and previous medications
  • Psychiatric history
  • Cannabis history
  • Treatment agreement
  • Non cannabis issues
  • Cannabis information i.e., safe storage, travelling within Canada and abroad
  • Cannabis plan that includes dosing and strain selection review
  • Authorized amount by Dr. MacCallum
  • Next steps following the assessment

Follow-Up Patients: Follow-up assessments with Dr. MacCallum

You will shadow Dr. MacCallum when she assesses patients in follow-up and will review with the patient;

  • Indications for using cannabis
  • Non cannabis issues
  • Cannabis use review of strains and route of administration/dosing
  • Medications (tapered and new)
  • Symptom improvement update
  • Review the previous prescribed cannabis amount to determine if an increase or decrease should be authorized
  • Licensed producer change if required

Authorizing Medical Cannabis – Independent Patient Assessments

You will be given the opportunity to conduct two independent new patient assessments that will be reviewed with Dr. MacCallum.

Cost $450.00

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