Once legal, where can cannabis be used?

Depending on where you live, the rules for recreational cannabis use in public vary. In some jurisdictions (such as Alberta’s proposed regulations), the only restrictions are that you are not permitted to consume near hospitals, schools or childcare facilities. In other provinces, such as Ontario, consumption may be banned from anywhere outside of your private residence. In shared buildings such as apartments and condominiums, you may not even be able to use recreational product in your own residence.

Medical cannabis rules are different: your legal rights allow you to smoke or vaporize your medicine in public, as long as you do so in a space that is also designated for public tobacco use.

It’s worth noting that oils and edibles are allowed anywhere, as long as they are for medical purposes. It’s also worth noting that Greenleaf Medical Clinic does NOT endorse smoking of any product, for any reason, as smoking poses known risks to overall health. Vaporizing is different than smoking.