Nutrition: Supplements & Dietary Interventions

Dr. Teresa Clarke &  Jag Deol, Clinical Pharmacist

Dr. Teresa Clarke graduated from the University of British Columbia, receiving her Hon.B.Sc in Biochemistry in 1977 and her MD in 1981. She was a family physician in Surrey before following a career path in integrative medicine, a holistic perspective of medicine that combines western medicine with lifestyle improvements and evidenced-based treatments from other traditions that promote health and healing.

Her medical career included 12 years at InspireHealth where she was Director of Clinical Services for 4 years serving cancer patients with integrative care that included nutrition as a foundation of healing and well being. She was the medical editor of a cookbook entitled “Breast Friends Inspire Health” which was a fundraiser as well as a practical nutrition resource for cancer prevention and treatment. For the past 8 years, she has been a physician at the Complex Chronic Diseases Program at BC Women’s Hospital serving patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and she has seen firsthand how improvements in nutrition can improve energy and wellbeing for people living with chronic illnesses.

Jagpaul Kaur Deol graduated from UBC and practices as a Clinical Pharmacist in both primary care and private practice. She is an accredited HIV Pharmacist with additional specializations in Travel Consults + Tropical Diseases and Skin Care Formulation (pharmaceutical grade and plant-based).

In addition to her clinical pharmacy expertise, she has pursued special interests and studies in nutrition (both dietary interventions and nutrient optimization), herbalism, metabolic dysfunction and Ayurvedic Practice. She incorporates these skills and practices into her patient consults, medication assessments and recommendations to improve health outcomes.

In this series of six workshops, you will learn the basics of nutrition, how it impacts health and wellness, and common dietary trends associated with specific medical conditions. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to maximize prescription drug therapies with evidence-based supplementation and dietary modifications.

This course is divided into 6 parts. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend session 1 prior to attending any other sessions.

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