A Health Canada Licensed Producer of medical cannabis
with decades of experience in pharmaceutical innovation.

Explore our high-quality strains, with a selection that offers varying percentages of THC and CBD. With over 60 years of growing experience, we put extra care into growing, drying and curing our cannabis. Every batch is tested in independent labs, ensuring our commitment to both our products and our patients. Plus, our federal research grant allows us to investigate cannabis strains and new cultivation technologies.

Our cannabis oils are whole plant cannabis extracts that deliver the benefits of active cannabinoids orally. Cannabis oils are easily ingested and allow for more accurate dosing without the need for inhalation. Our team of PhDs and MDs is working to further develop a range of cannabis extraction-based products, while researching, in clinical studies, the effects of marijuana and cannabinoids on health.

Our cannabis oil has an equivalency factor of 6. This means that 6 ml of cannabis oil is equal to 1 g of dried cannabis, or that a 30 ml bottle of cannabis oil is the equivalent of 5 g of dried cannabis. Generally, our oils contain approximately 25 mg per ml of cannabinoids.

Cannabis oils are diluted in a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) carrier oil derived from coconut oil. MCT is a clear, odourless and flavourless edible oil.

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